Welcome to the Eco Council Page




These are the pupils that have been elected by their classmates to represent them on the Eco

 Committee meetings :


Year 6 - Owen ( Chairperson)


Year 5 - Gabby

Year 4 - Hannah

Year 3 - Wilf

Year 2 - Siôn


They are an eager group that  meet every month to discuss Eco matters .This will ensure Ysgol y Gwernant will do its very best to be a green school and protect the environment to the best of our ability . We are very proud to announce that as a school we succeeded to renew our Platinum Eco status in the Summer of 2019. Well done everyone and thank you to the Eco Council for all  your hard work . 





Here's our Eco Code for the year : 




Eco Gôd ein hysgol ni 

Oes plastig yn eich bocs bwyd chi ? 

Denu natur ac ailgylchu

Arbed dwr , gwres ac ynni 

Achub ein byd !!!

( On the tone of Dau Gi Bach )



Here are some of the Eco Council's Targets  for 2019-2020

¨ Eco tips online for parents.

¨ Hold a swap shop 

¨ Try and win a Fairtrade School award

¨ Walk to school week (  twice)

¨ Plastic / Eco friendly lunchbox - monitor and reward.

¨ Plant fruit/ veg /flowers. Gardening Club.


¨ Work on a project with the other school councils. Focus on reducing plastic in school . 

¨ Learn about other countries traditions and focus specifically on traditional games and dances. 

¨ Litter collection in the community . Follow a rota .  How can litter affect nature ? 

¨ Recycle felt pens in the school .




Recycle , Recycle , Recycle ! 



As a Eco school council we feel that its extremely important to recycle . Here are a few things that we recycle :


* Paper and cardboard.


* Milk cartons


* Plastic


* Tins


* Ink cartridges


* Mobile phones


* Batteries







If you as parents have a skill, time or ideas to help make Ysgol y Gwernant a green school we would be very grateful of your help and support  . Thankyou. Smile





Compost Bin


As an eco council we strongly believe in not wasting anything and therfore we throw fruit and vegetable waste into the compost bin . These are the items you could bring into the school to help us make compost ( we don't need any fruit or vegetable waste) :


* Egg boxes                             * newspaper and carboard                       * leaves


* Ash from the fireplace            * Hay                                                     * Eggshells


* Hair and nails clippings           * Small amount of grass cuttings               * sticks


* small amount of sheep wool.












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